4 Takeaways from My First Chicago Sky WNBA Game

Yesterday, I went to my very first Chicago Sky basketball game. Before I get into my experience though, I want to be completely honest and upfront with you. As a sports fan and particularly a basketball fan, I am embarrassed to admit I know nothing about the Chicago Sky. Actually, since we’re being honest, I know little-to-nothing about the WNBA as a whole. I feel it is important for me to share this with you so that you can understand my mindset as I went to this game. I was pretty excited to go; however, I wasn’t excited because I wanted to see a star player on our team or on the Seattle Storm (I had no idea who played on either team), but I simply had never seen a WNBA game before. So, I was curious as to what I would takeaway from this experience. 

4 Takeaways from the Game

1) Free Parking 

The Chicago Sky play at the Allstate arena in Rosemont, Illinois. As we exited the freeway and approached the arena, my palms began to sweat nervously as I reached for my wallet to pay for parking. As we  approached the parking attendant, Images of my pathetic bank account balance began to flash in my mind as I prepared for the worse. Right before I entered the parking lot, there was a sign that read 

Parking Price 0.00 Courtesy of the Chicago Sky

It was at this moment that I became an instant fan.

(Don’t get to excited about this entry though folks. While doing research for this blog post, I read an article that said the team will be moving to a new arena located in downtown Chicago next season, soooooo this may be the end of free parking)

2) The Coach

The Chicago Sky is coached by Amber Stocks who also serves as the General manager of the team. Based on first impressions,  I can describe coach Stocks in three words: fine, fierce, and fly. Coach Stocks is a beautiful woman who dresses to impress. She gives off a very stern no nonsense kinda vibe. I kept expecting her to spaz out and throw a clipboard when the team made a mistake. Instead, she was very calm, cool, and collected. The players seemed to respond to her too. Although the Sky had a losing season in her first year as coach/GM (they finished the season 12-22) , I’m interested to see if coach Stocks can turn it around next season.

3)  Family-friendly Environment 

I didn’t bring my daughter to the game with me, and I really regret it. Due to my experiences at the United Center with the Chicago Bulls, I decided against bringing her. There’s normally really large crowds and a lot of drunk people, so I wasn’t ready to put her in that type of environment.  The Chicago Sky game was the complete opposite of any of my United Center visits. There were children everywhere and it seemed like a genuine family outing. The average group seemed to consist of a husband, wife, children, and grandparents. It was a very chill and relaxed environment.  My girlfriend pointed out that people seemed to be there because they really enjoy the team as opposed to going simply to show off an outfit or to stunt for social media. 

The half-time show was a treat as well. We saw a wonderful performance by the Fly Kids. I watched in amazement as these kids (seemingly between the ages 8-13 but don’t quote me on that) performed acrobatic stunts and flips that I couldn’t even dream of doing. They brought a smile to my face because their performance  reminded me of when I use to watch the Jesse White Tumbling Team back in my childhood. 

4) Player Performances

This entire post has been about everything other than the actual basketball game.  The basketball game was close through all four quarters and very exciting. But I want to use this entry to shout-out two assassins. The two guards,#14 Allie Quigley and #22 Courtney Vandersloot, were putting in work all game. Quigley finished the game with 16 Points, 2 Rebounds, & 2 Assists while her partner Vandersloot finished with 15 Points, 8 Assists, & 3 Rebounds. Quigley played a good game and seems like a pretty decent shooter, but Vandersloot really impressed me. She was throwing dimes all night and had a crazy block in a crucial moment of the game that really electrified the crowd. I definitely want to come back and watch these two wreak havoc on opponents.

Overall, I had a great time at the game. I can’t wait until next season to see these ladies in action again.

If interested,  you can watch highlights of the game at the link below.


About the Author: Phil Purkett Jr.
Founder and Creator of Some Guy in Space. Second of his name. Real cool dude.

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